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Workshop: (4.) ::: FUSION of the 5 Elements 1-2-3 - Emotional Transformation :::
Course leader: Grand-Master Mantak Chia

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Topics: Fusion of the Five Elements I, Fusion of the Five Elements II, Fusion of the Five Elements III
Date: 10. - 14.10.2020
Times: 09:00 – 12:00 | Pause/Break | 13:00 – 15:00 Paris Zeit/Time
Course fees:
  1. 5-days Online LIVE-Seminar fee 340 €
  2. Courses 1-5 can also be booked together (12 days 650 €)


(4.)  10.10.-14.10.2020 ::: FUSION of the 5 Elements ::: Emotional Transformation

Grand Master Mantak Chia has decided not to travel due to worldwide travel restrictions and to hold all his courses online.
All courses will take place Online-LIVE, i.e. Grandmaster Mantak Chia will teach in Thailand at the same time.
You can participate comfortably at home, no travel, no overnight stays, no restaurant visits.
You will receive detailed instructions, Grandmaster Mantak Chia uses the online platform Zoom, all you need is a computer / tablet / cell phone with internet access or WLAN. So far several thousand participants have successfully
made the entrance.
Very pleasing: the course fees are substantially reduced. You can book directly via the link and pay to Thailand by credit card or PapyPal, or transfer to our German account via Tao-Berlin.

FUSION of the Five Elements

Taoist Alchemy - the "Chymic Wedding" in ancient China. The "FUSION of the 5 Elements" is one of the most important practices of inner alchemy. It is considered a "jewel" of Taoist meditations because of its great effectiveness in transforming disharmonic emotions. The exercises promote inner strength and self-determination. Nothing knocks us down so quickly any more - calmness and centeredness come more easily. It is a powerful mental training that increases our ability to remember and concentrate - the act of balance. The FUSION also serves as an energetic self-protection and is especially useful for those who work a lot with other people.

Collecting the organ energy

In the alchemical practices of fusion, various Pakua (Ba Gua) and gathering points are used to extract, bind and harmonize adherent emotional energies from the organs. Collecting the organ energy does not weaken the organs in any way. Each time you practice FUSION, the essence energies collected from the organs are actually fused, purified and transformed into life energy of enhanced quality. At the end of each exercise, the energy is collected in pearl form and returned to the body to strengthen all the organs and glands, especially those that need extra energy.

Chymic wedding - union of opposites

The West also knows similar alchemic traditions, such as the "Chyrmic Wedding" as the title of one of the basic writings of the Rosicrucians and as the instrument of the inquiring adepts who had the hermetic keys of 'alchemy', Kabbalah and astrology at their disposal. In alchemy, the chymic wedding means the union of opposites and reveals the step-by-step path of initiation into the last great mysteries of our existence. In the masterpiece of the alchemists, the making of a philosopher's stone to produce gold and an elixir of immortality, one of the necessary actions is the coagulatio of matter, the coagulation of unified substances in chymic marriage. In the erotic pictorial symbolism of alchemy, it marks the climax of the Great Work (opus magnum) when the white queen (symbol: mercury, silver or moon) is united with the red king (symbol: sulphur, gold or sun). However, the unification of the polar opposites is not only an external process but also an allegory of the inner, spiritual process of change of a human being, since the change of the human being itself was one of the most important goals of alchemy.

Sacred union

Also the UHT Kan and Li formulas of Taoism can be understood as such a "holy wedding". The complex interrelations of the Taoist 5 elementary forces - also called phases of change - as well as the main chains of action creation cycle and control cycle are experienced in context. The positive Chi of virtuous energy is guided through the main organs, the energy collected during these cycles is united to a pearl of compassion. This pearl is then used to open and purify the ascending channels and the surrounding protective belt channels.

The tantric lineages of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and the Vedic yoga traditions have known and practiced similar practices for centuries. The Taoists also charge their mandala - the Ba Gua - with toning through meditation; a particularly deeply touching part of the fusion practice.   Oscillations, vibrations, resonances and tones play an important role in the Taoist traditions. During thousands of years of study of philosophy and psychology, the Taoists recognized the need to explore people's basic feelings. They observed that certain actions attract unwanted emotions if they are not understood and managed. Disharmonious emotions can be transformed into useful life energy. Therefore, rejecting or suppressing unwanted, disharmonic emotions means rejecting or suppressing life force. Instead, in the Taoist system it is considered better to use their experience.

That is, you let them come out without allowing them to go crazy or cause further disharmonious emotions. You can take control so that you can transform them not only into beneficial life force, but also into a form of higher consciousness, your spiritual energy.

The practice of fusion is a meditation system consisting of formulas (techniques). In the practice of fusion, it can be expected that virtues will arise from energetic emotional blockages through consciousness.

    FUSION of the Five Elements I

At the first stage of FUSION, one learns how to transform the disharmonious emotions of worry, sadness, cruelty, anger and fear into pure energy. This is done by locating the source of disharmonious emotions in the five main organs. With the help of the vibrating essences of the Eight Powers of Creation of the 'Ba Gua', the straining blockages of the organs can be released. After the excess emotional energy has been filtered out of the organs, the organism can return to a state of psycho-physical balance. The pure energy (emotional Chi) freed from disharmonious emotions condenses into a shining pearl. This pearl plays a decisive role in the development and nourishment of the soul or energy body, which is fed exclusively from the pure energy of the five organs.

FUSION of the Five Elements II

In the second stage of FUSION, one learns how to let the pure energy of the five organs circulate once they are freed from disharmonious emotions. Once the organs are purified, the positive feelings of kindness, gentleness, respect, balance, justice and compassion arise as a natural expression of inner balance. The practitioner can monitor this state of balance by observing the nature of the spontaneously developing emotions. Our disharmonious emotions are transformed into radiant virtues in this alchemical process. The eight extraordinary vessels of Classical Chinese Medicine used in these processes are preferred in Taoist body alchemy, the 12 organ meridians are used in acupuncture.
The energy of positive emotions is used to open the three channels running from the perineum (dam point, hui yin) to the vertex (bai hui ), which are called ascending channels. Additionally, the belt channels surrounding the nine major energy centers of the body are opened.

FUSION of the Five Elements III

At the third level of FUSION, the practitioner completes the cleansing of the energy channels in the body by activating the bridge and regulator channels. By opening and activating the small energy circulation (Du Mai and Ren Mai), the ascending central channel (Chong Mai), the belt channels and the positive and disharmonious bridge and regulator channels in arms and legs, the body now becomes completely permeable for the circulation of the life energy. The unhindered flow of energy forms the basis for perfect physical and mental health. In this stage you will build up an extraordinary psychological protective field and learn procedures to release energy blockages, which are preferably located on the spine, but also in other parts of the body. A further step is the creation and activation of your own energy system with the assigned planets of our solar system and the universal energies of the universe.

The method of fusion represents one of the greatest achievements of the Taoist masters, as it enables man to free the body from disharmonious emotions and at the same time to let the pure light of positive forces shine. As a result, we open our spirituality to the unconditional love of all being.

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