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Workshop: [Week 2] ::: Craniosacral Qigong & Wisdom Qigong :::
Course leader: Grand-Master Mantak Chia

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Topics: Cosmic Healing I, Microcosmic Orbit
Date: 13. - 14.11.2021
Times: 09:00 – 12:00 | Pause/Break | 13:00 – 15:00 Paris Zeit/Time
Course fees:
  1. Payment also possible on german account ...
  2. 2-days Online LIVE-Seminar fee 175 €


[Week 2] ::: Craniosacral Qigong & Wisdom Qigong :::

Those who think a lot, worry a lot, or dwell on emotions use 80% of their total body energy through brain activity. Using Taoist techniques you can double or triple your mind power and gain vitality in your body and organs. Normally as people get older the brain starts to shrink. With Wisdom Qigong, the brain can actually get bigger and become more alert, and be charged by the energies of the Universe.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Recharge and repair your brain

  • Increase memory and brain function

  • Expand your mind power and consciousness

  • Connect with your abdominal brain to reduce energy loss

  • Transform excess brain activity to revitalize the organs

  • Gain wisdom as you connect with the infinite Universe above

Very pleasing: the course fees are reduced considerably. You can book directly via the link and pay to Thailand by credit card or PapyPal, or transfer to our German account via Tao-Berlin.
Taoist basic knowledge made easy, Grand Master Mantak Chia allows you a fascinating insight into the energetic part of Chinese naturopathy

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