Organ detox, the "Chi Nei Tsang" Massage

(Second brain: abdominal- or stomach-Massage)

People often develop energy blockages on their internal organs, which are caused by nodules and entanglements of the intestinal tract. Emotions such as fear, anger, excessive anxiety, depression and pondering can do great harm to our body. Energy losses can also result from overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs and toxins, bad and contaminated food, and especially job insecurity.

These disharmonious emotions and toxic energies seek discharge and so deposit themselves on and around the organs in our body that can process portions of this emotional garbage. However, there are usually enough blockages back to hinder the flow of energy in the body, which usually leads to disease at some point. Negative emotions can cause such excessive heat in the organs that dysfunction can even lead to total failure.

The Chi Nei Tsang massage is an extremely effective way to release these energy blockages and flush out deposited toxins.
Since Chi Nei Tsang is primarily for self-massage, no further steps are required. Everyone can enjoy the beneficial massages in and around the family ...
You can feel for yourself where tensions around the abdomen can be found and work on these tensions. Mantak Chia calls this 'I am my own gold digger'.
The Chi Nel Tsang massage system, so to speak, allows access to those places where energetic patterns manifest in the physical body ... where chi and matter touch. The exact connections are not yet explored here, but the efficient effectiveness of the Chi Nei Tsang massage system astonishes and excites the participants again and again.
In conclusion, Chi Nei Tsang is not intended to directly cure diseases and acute or chronic problems. However, the Chi Nei Tsang massage can help stop the degeneration of organs and tissues and improve and strengthen their condition.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2010)

Chi Nei Tsang education / training: UHT Chi Nei Tsang training basics.

Press Editoria: Chi Nei Tsang Massage ... where Chi and matter touch (sorry in German)

Je weniger man fühlt, desto weniger besitzt man...

..... wo sich Chi und Materie berühren (Mantak Chia)