FUSION of the Five Elements

Taoist Alchemy - The "Chymical Wedding" in Ancient China The "FUSION of the Five Elements" is one of the most important practices of inner alchemy. It is considered the "jewel" of Taoist meditation because of its great effectiveness in transforming disharmonious emotions. The exercises promote inner strength and self-determination. Nothing bothers us more so quickly - serenity and centeredness are easier to set up. It is a powerful mental training that enhances our ability to focus and focus, the act of balance. The fusion also serves as energy self-protection and is especially useful for those who work a lot with other people.

      The collection of organ energy
In the alchemical practices of fusion, various Pakua (Ba Gua) and gathering points are used to extract, bind, and harmonize adherent, emotional energies from the organs. The collection of organ energy does not weaken the organs in any way. In fact, each time you practice the fusion, it is such that the energy of the essences gathered from the organs is fused, purified, and transformed into a life energy of enhanced quality. At the end of each exercise, the energy is collected in bead form and returned to the body to strengthen all organs and glands, but especially those that need extra energy.

      Chymical wedding - union of opposites
The West also knows comparable traditions, such as the "Chymical Wedding" as the title of one of the Rosicrucian scriptures and as an instrument of the explorers who possessed the hermetic keys of 'alchemy', kabbalah and astrology. In alchemy, the chymical wedding means the unification of opposites and reveals the gradual path of initiation into the last great secrets of our existence. One of the necessary actions is the coagulatio of matter, the coagulation of unconscious substances in a chymical wedding, in the masterpiece of the alchemists, the making of a stone of the wise, with which gold is to be produced and an immortality elixir is to be won. In the erotic pictorial symbolism of alchemy, it marks the climax of the Great Work (opus magnum) when the white queen (symbol: mercury, silver or moon) unites with the red king (symbol: sulfur, gold or sun). The unification of the polar opposites is not only an external process, but also an allegory of the inner, mental transformation process of a human, since the change of man himself was one of the most important goals of alchemy.

      Holy wedding
Also, the Kan and Li formulas of Taoism can be understood as such a "holy wedding". The complex interrelations of the Taoist 5 elemental forces - also called transformation phases - as well as the main action chains Creation Cycle and Control Cycle are related. The positive chi of virtuous energy is passed through the major organs, the energy accumulated in the course of these cycles becomes a pearl of compassion. This bead then opens and cleans the ascending channels and surrounding protective belt channels.

The tantric lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and Vedic yoga traditions have known and practiced similar practices for centuries. The Taoists also invite their mandala - the Pakua - meditation-bearing tonalities: a particularly deeply moving part of fusion practice. Vibrations, vibrations, resonances and sounds play a major role in the Taoist traditions. During the millennia of preoccupation with philosophy and psychology, the Taoists recognized the need to explore people's basic emotions. They observed that certain actions attract unwanted emotions if they are not understood and overcome. Disharmonic emotions can be transformed into useful life energy. Therefore, repelling or suppressing unwanted negative emotions means repelling or suppressing life force. Instead, the Taoist system considers it better to use their experience.

That is, they let them stand out without allowing them to play crazy or trigger other negative emotions. You can take control so that you can transform it not only into beneficial life force, but also into a form of higher consciousness, your spiritual energy.   The entire practice of fusion is a systematic process of self-purification and control over one's own inner powers. By forming a pearl of pure energy and blending the forces of the Five Elements into a new, improved and purified form of life force, you will gain the power of self-control. With the help of this power, you can summon the Cosmic Power directly to give you strength and protection.
The practice of fusion is a meditation system consisting of formulas (techniques). In the practice of FUSION it can be expected that virtues arise from energetic emotional blockades through consciousness.

     FUSION of the Five Elements I

The first level of FUSION teaches you how to transform the disharmonious emotions of worry, grief, cruelty, anger, and fear into pure energy. This is done by finding the source of disharmonious emotions in the five major organs. With the help of the vibrating essences of the eight creation powers of the 'Ba Gua', the burdensome blockages of the organs can be solved. Once the excess emotional energy is filtered out of the organs, the organism can return to a state of psycho-physical balance. The pure energy (emotional chi) freed from disharmonious emotions condenses into a luminous pearl. This pearl plays a crucial role in the development and nourishment of the soul or energy body, which is fed exclusively from the pure energy of the five organs.

     FUSION of the Five Elements II

The second level of FUSION teaches you how to let the pure energy of the five organs circle as soon as they are free of disharmonious emotions. When the organs are cleansed, the positive feelings of kindness, gentleness, respect, balance, justice and compassion emerge as a natural expression of inner balance. The practitioner can monitor this state of equilibrium by observing the nature of spontaneously forming emotions. Our disharmonious emotions are transformed into radiant virtues in this alchemical process. The Eight Extraordinary Vessels of Classical Chinese Medicine used in these processes are favored in Taoist body alchemy, and the 12 Organ Meridians are used in acupuncture.
The energy of the positive emotions is used to open the three channels running from the perineum (dam point, hui yin) to the vertex (bai hui), which are referred to as Ascending Channels. In addition, you open the belt channels that surround the nine main energy centers of the body.

     FUSION of the Five Elements III

In the third stage of FUSION, the practitioner completes the cleansing of the energy pathways in the body by activating the bridge and regulator channels. With the opening and activating of the Small Energy Circuit (Du Mai and Ren Mai), the ascending central channel (Chong Mai), the belt channels and the positive and disharmonic Bridge and Regulator Channels in the arms and legs, the body is now completely permeable to the circle of life energy. The unimpeded flow of energy forms the basis for perfect physical and mental health. In this stage, you build an extraordinary psychic protective field and learn techniques to solve energy blockages that prefer to attach to the spine, but also to other parts of the body.

The FUSION method is one of the greatest achievements of the Taoist Masters in that it enables people to free the body of disharmonious emotions while letting the pure light of positive forces shine. As a result, we open our spirituality for unconditional love for all being.