The Lesser Enlightment if Kan & Li   (KL1)

At this high level of Taoist energy work, the sexual energy Jing Chi is transformed into life force. The spread of sexual energy through the whole organism can be thought of as steam rising when the water on the fire begins to boil. This meditation of inner alchemy involves nurturing and developing the root and heart centres, as well as transforming the sexual energy in the navel. The formula of the LKL reverses the normal process of wasting energy. The vital secret of this formula is that the usual positions of fire and water are reversed to release sexual energy. By changing places, the heat of the body fire passes under the coolness of the body water. Without this reversal, the fire simply flares up and burns the body. The water (the sexual fluids) tends to flow downwards and leave the body. When the water dries up, the body breathes its last. The process of evaporation can be extended over a long time. The warm moist steam produced carries tremendous energies and is highly beneficial to health. The glands and the nervous and lymphatic systems are regenerated, and the circulation of energy and body fluids is intensified. 
The collection of formulas in Lesser Kan & Li has the primary purpose of healing and dissolving the body. It does this by cleansing and healing the organs and meridians. With the organ energies refined to their pure essence (virgin child or base animal nature), the spirit or soul of each organ can be released. These separate spirits and souls can be merged both together (creating the lesser medicine), and being exposed to the great white light (greater medicine) can facilitate rebirth and formation of the integrated spiritual body.

The Greater Enlightenment of Kan & Li   (KL2)

These formulas take the adept further along the journey towards enlightenment and spirit travel. Here, too, the inversion of yin and yang is applied, but the energy drawn into the body is considerably increased through this technique. At this level, the blending, transformation, and harmonisation of the energy in the solar plexus is carried out. The increase in force results from the second formula drawing yin and yang energy from the body itself. In contrast, the third formula draws power directly from heaven (above) and from the earth (earth conduction - corresponding to yang and yin) and adds these elemental forces to the body. Power can be drawn from any energy source, such as the moon, a forest, the earth, light, etc.
Now the adept’s mind or consciousness has moved beyond the body and becomes as large as the solar system. Here, the meditator embodies the sun, moon, and visible planets as his body and organs.

 The Greatest Enlightenment of Kan and Li   (KL3)

The core of this formula is the blending of yin and yang in a higher centre in the body. This reversal of yin and yang delays the ageing process and restores the thymus gland to increase natural immunity. Healing energy is radiated from a more robust centre in the body, bringing great benefit to the physical and etheric bodies. As the practice continues, consciousness becomes as large as the universe. With the embodiment of the 28 lunar mansions and the northern and southern peri polar constellations, the entirety of geographical space becomes one piece. Time is also condensed into a singularity through the heavenly stems and earthly branches fusing the past and future into the moment. This practice prepares the aspiring student for the next level of Sealing of the Five Senses, where there is the complete dissolution into the mystery of the one!

(Dr Andrew Jan and Wolfgang Heuhsen 2021)