Tai Chi is the crème of physical exercises, it can awaken the spiritual consciousness in our physical body.  Our cells, tendons, muscles, organs - even our brain and nerves begin to vibrate at higher levels.  The increased flow of Chi allows our senses to penetrate deeper layers of perception.

Our focused awareness during Tai Chi practice - our Yi - is trained, our body is flooded, our mind becomes more alert.

The Tai Chi has to grow in your body, the speed of growth depends on your abilities, your training hours and your accompanying and guiding Instructor. You can learn the visible Tai Chi 1 form within 1-3 months.

After that the main work can start to activate your inner body alchemy, to open your meridians, your joints, your whole energy system.  What your eyes can see is only, say the outwardly visible 20%. The main part of Tai Chi involves the inner processes.  A calm mind, physical flexibility, coordinated interplay of movement and breath and thus control of the flow of Chi. The act of balancing, the highest goal of Classical Chinese Medicine.

The roots of Tai Chi lie more in martial arts, while Qigong is derived from Chinese Medicine. However, both use the same principles. A kind of dynamic meditation, consciously linking the breath with movement and thus controlling the flow of chi in the body. Put simply, Tai Chi could be seen as an organised sequence of Qigong exercises.

In order to develop these invisible inner alchemical qualities, each of us needs patience, correction and repeated practice.  Previous knowledge from other schools, such as martial arts, yoga or all variants of qigong, facilitates the training and shortens the learning time.